• HERBEST ← 結成15周年!DACHAMBOの代表曲や人気曲等から選りすぐられた、新録音にしてベスト・アルバムリリース!!

Dachambo, TV Broken 3rd Eye Open, & The Intrepid Travelers at the Hi Hat

When: Back to Calendar 2019年5月22日 (all-day)
Where: HI HAT
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles
CA 90042

Dachambo, TV Broken 3rd Eye Open, The Intrepid Travelers at The Hi Hat!

$10.00; 21+

Dachambo: Japanese supergroup Dachambo brings ecstatic grooves mixing psych rock, psy-trance, and funk to create the ultimate universal ho down. This is their second visit to the US, after playing the main stage at Eclipse Festival in 2017 & Reverbia at Burning Man, they are now following it up with an appearance at Joshua Tree Music Fest and a West Coast tour in 2019. Come get down!

TV Broken 3rd Eye Open: TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is an eclectic and versatile seven-piece band that fuses together a multitude of musical styles from across the world into a psychedelic explosion of sound. Equipped with didgeridoos, sitars, guitars, world percussion, keys, synthesizers, drums, bass, flutes, harmonicas, banjos, and the kitchen sink; it is a musical ensemble like no other. The band draws inspiration from a myriad of musical genres such as afro funk, jazz, psychedelic groove, Indian, folk, blues, and even spaghetti western circus cabaret. Though the band’s sound is unique in its own right, the TV Broken 3rd Eye Open experience also has a significant visual component. The TV Towers 2.0 (debuting in April 2019) is a way to express the way the band sees their music through visual art. Stunning visuals of sacred geometry and psychedelic imagery are then projected on to the stage to combine with the music to make for a truly unique experience.

The Intrepid Travelers: Partners in time Mowgli and Papa Bear weave melody and story through sonic landscapes, creating whole worlds that collapse into oblivion, becoming mulch for new songs to be birthed. They have been an integral part of the West Coast festival scene, providing sounds and curation for LIB, Lucidity, Symbiosis, and Burning Man’s home for live music, Reverbia. Their debut EP Death and Time Travel will be released in late 2019.